MÄRVEL - Five Smell City

Released 2005-04-18

Tracks: Five Smell City // Now I Believe It // Flame On // Hat Trick // Since That Day // Goddess On The Loose // Lead Bass // Royal Exile // Powers Of Attraction // A Taste Of Platinum '78 // The Bigger The Harder They Fall // Underwear And Shoes // Come In Out Of The Rain

Produced by Jörgen Wärnström and Märvel. Recorded and mixed by Jörgen Wärnström at Soulmine Studios in Linköping.

Cover art by Göran Gudinge and Computer Game Dude.

From the press release:

Marvel consists of the three super heroes Vocalo, Animalizer and The Ambassador. From their headquarters, located in Brooklyn, NYC, they struggle hard to put an end to organised crime and the evil organization SACO led by Dr Spats.

Behind this power trio we find three young guys from Linköping, Sweden; John Steen, Ulrik Bostedt and Tony Samuelsson who founded the band Marvel during their high school exchange year in Colorado, USA., 2002.

After three praised vinyl singles (“Marvellous”, New York Power Hitters, 2002; “Heroine Tracks”, New York Power Hitters/Black Juju/Evergreen Terrace, 2003; “Bedlam at the Embassy”, Black Juju, 2004) here’s finally the album debut “Five Smell City”. The release is handled by Black Juju who’s responsible for bringing you Nifters, Los Natas and The Mutants.

“Five Smell City” shows off the high energy rock ‘n’ roll that has already become Marvel’s trademark.

Guided by bands such as Kiss and The Stooges, this young bunch of untamed riff masters with a genuine feel for the groove have already managed to manifest their world domination program. Marvel carelessly avoids all rock clichés known to man so you won’t find any songs about cars, beer and babes. Instead you’ll get to know super heroes with broken hearts, a weather goddess and how small town madness influences the success of a young hungry rock band stuck in a city of five smells. And of course a song about a Swedish tennis star that has had problems finding a decent occupation since he put his racket to rest.

Check out what the CRITICS have to say about "Five Smell City":

Dagensskiva Album, 6/10 (SE)
Dagensskiva Bedlam, 7/10 (SE)
Dagensskiva Heroine Tracks, 8/10 (SE)
Metal DE, 5/10 (DE)
Skrutt (SE)
Ox Fanzine, 6 (DE)

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