MÄRVEL - Warhawks of War

Released 2011-04-01

Tracks: Hello! // Bank Of Lights // T.N.H. // Whispering Eye // A Hobby That Got Out Of Hand // The Effort // Beaten Path // Blood Harmony // Killer Porn Dungeon // Good Times // Tiger By The Tail // Preaching To The Choir

Produced by Joakim Kärling and Märvel. Recorded and mixed by Joakim Kärling at White Light Studios in Linköping.

Cover art by Mats Engesten.

From the press release:

A huge ball has been set in motion. A sphere that has been lying dormant for several years. A hard, heavy globe of solid ROCK. The swedish powertrio Märvel are pushing the ball in front of them, crushing everything in their path. As the ball rolls, it grows. Getting bigger, heavier and more powerful with each step the band takes. They are not alone in their struggle, however. More and more people are joining forces with our three heroes and an army is taking form behind them. We welcome you all to join us on our sacred journey pushing this ball of ROCK forward. And should you choose not to join us, please step aside or be flattened.

The swedish barons of high energy rock and roll are back with their third album - Warhawks of War! Warhawks of War is the third album from The King, Speedo and Vicar of Märvel. An album filled with gigantic guitars, bombastic bass, dynamite drums and vaporizing vocals! 12 brand new tracks from the creators of modern rock classics Five Smell City and Thunderblood Heart. Warhawks of War contains Märvels hit single Beaten Path and features heavy duty guests such as Strings of the Hellacopters and Dregen of Backyard Babies.

Check out what the CRITICS have to say about "Warhawks of War":

Zero Magazine, 8/10 (SE)
Metal Temple, 8/10 ()
Gaffa, 3/5 (SE)
Artrock, 7/10 (SE)
OX Fanzine, 4/5 (DE)
Metal DE, 7/10 (DE)
Dagensskiva, 5/10 (SE)
Skrutt (SE)
Hallowed, 4/7 (SE)

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