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Greetings earthlings!

Early 2017 we locked ourselves away in studio Solskensfabriken to record a new album - it's called "Märvel at the Sunshine Factory" and was released on the Sign Records (LP, CD and digital) the 6th of October 2017. After two appetizers, "Goodluck Sandy" and "All Over the News", our 3rd single "Angela" was released on all major digital platforms. Join the Märvel Army on our Facebook page, let us know what you think of the new songs and stay tuned for more news about the album.

Check out what the CRITICS have to say about "At the Sunshine Factory":
Maximum Volume Music, 8.5/10 (english)
Moshville Times (english)
Metal Hammer, 6/7 (german)
Östgöta Correspondenten, 4/5 (swedish)
Via Nocturna, 5.6/6 (portuguese)
Lords of Metal, 80/100 (german)
Musik Reviews, 12/15 (german)
Gaffa, 5/6 (swedish)
Games, Brrraaains and a Head-Banging Life 9.5/10 (english)

We're happy to say that our 2011 album Warhawks of War has been released on vinyl - buy it now!

Buy Märvel at the Sunshine Factory!
Buy Warhawks of War on vinyl!
Check out the video for "Goodluck Sandy" or listen on Spotify
Check out the video for "All Over The News" or listen on Spotify
Listen to Angela on Spotify

King, Vicar & Burgher

ps. Here are the latest posts from the Märvel instagram, follow us at @marveltheband


For more Märvel videos, check out YouTube and Vimeo.


Märvel has been an active band since 2002 and consists of The King (guitars and vocals), The Burgher (Bass) and The Vicar (Drums). The upcoming album, Märvel at the Sunshine Factory, is the band's 7th album.

Read the full story to find out how three young men from Åtvidaberg found their true calling in life.


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From the official press release:

Märvel returns with their seventh album ”At the Sunshine Factory” set for release the 6th of October on The Sign Records. The band have worked hard to create a ”larger than life” sound, building a studio of their own to get enough time to develop their songs to perfection. A cheerful production disguises a darker lyrical theme affected by today's world situation. Märvel, known for their contagious hooks, pop melodies and rock 'n' roll soul, have tightened the bow and made braver decisions to make this the stand out album of their career. The album's spine is still very much vintage Märvel, yet each of the twelve songs have got more of a character of its own.

Songs as "Angela" and ”Goodluck Sandy” are a further development of the sound that we first heard on the band's latest album "The Hills Have Eyes”. Two songs that takes the band several steps on that path with a rich production that puts full focus on the strong songwriting. The songs very well show King, Vicar and Burgher's newfound boldness and desire to evolve. ”Monsters Grow in the Dark” shows a new side of the band, where a darker, more sincere side is revealed. Still the Märvel we know is very much present, and it is perhaps mostly showcased in the direct hit ”All Over The News” that sports a classic Scandinavian approach - rock without any fuzz!

Märvel signed a deal with The Sign Records in the beginning of 2017 and have since then started to re-release their earlier albums on new formats. Finding themselves a way out in new regions, the Swedish rock veterans are set for new challenges and conquests. Märvel have never been this well equipped and ready to make a first and lasting impression on a new audience and deliver something fresh and virgin to their old fans. The band shines like never before.


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Street life

Are you a rock soldier? A pirate or a pussy? Or simply a rebel without a cause? This is your chance to pull your straw to the stack! MÄRVEL is looking for mercenaries of ROCK, willing to help out in spreading our gospel of ROCK! To ensure a steady supply of objectively marvellous music, the time has come to step up!

  • Download the pdf template
  • Print it out in any size you want, the bigger the better
  • Choose the stencil or the cutout
  • Decorate your home town like there's no tomorrow
  • Take photos of your work
  • Post them on Märvelbook

Busy bees posting creative contributions will be decorated. Bombs away!