MÄRVEL are the swedish BARONS of HIGH ENERGY ROCK 'N' ROLL! Märvel's explosive live performances have earned the band a loyal ärmy of fans all over the world - the Märvel Army! Märvel is The Vicar (drums), The King (guitars, vocals) and The Burgher (bass).

We wanna know you (just a little bit even bettter)!


We wanna know you - the contest, round 2!

Since the last competition was such a big hit, Märvel has decided to launch a new competition round for their latest single “One Common Enemy”. Just as last time, the band encourage you to express yourself any way you see fit using the song. To mix things up, there will now be a 20 second time length limit for all contributions. Think short attention span compatible stuff!

Once you’ve created something, share it with the world on Facebook, Twitter Tiktok or Instagram, hashtag it with #gracescamewithmalice and tag @marveltheband. The 19th of November, we will choose our favourite contribution and announce the lucky winner! For those who want to make their own version of the song, audio files with stems as well as lyrics and chords can be found below

Download audio files to create your own remix: STEMS
Check out the lyrics & chords: LYRICS & CHORDS

Good luck and let the creativity flow free!

The contest introduction on youtube:

Stream Märvel's single "One Common Enemy":

New single & video - One Common Enemy


"One Common Enemy" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL!

The song was produced and recorded by MÄRVEL at studio Solskensfabriken, mixed by Robert "Humbucker" Pehrsson and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Cover art by Mats Engesten. Band photo by Annett Reimer Manhem. Also available as official video, filmed and edited by Johan Jonasson, Pama Studios. Out on The Sign Records, available NOW on all digital platforms: https://orcd.co/onecommonenemy

We wanna know you (just a little bit bettter)!


We wanna know you (just a little bit better)! Express yourself using the new single - Slasher with a Broken Heart - where YOU will be the main act! Download audio files, chords and lyrics to get started! See download links in the full post. Read more!

New single & video - Slasher with a Broken Heart


"Slasher with a Broken Heart" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL! Check out the single and official video: https://orcd.co/marvel_slasher Read more!

The Märvel Bandcamp store is now open for business!


We're proud to present our refurbished BANDCAMP store! It's got great stuff, old stuff and new stuff! Read more!

The Märvellous EP is out!


The Märvellous EP is out now on vinyl and all digital platforms. Read more!

Guily Pleasures - new album out now!


Märvel releases a brand new album called GUILTY PLEASURES! It features 10 cover songs that have been put through the Märvel machine! Read more!

Acid's Trip debut produced by the King!


Acid's Trip from Gothenburg has recorded their first two songs at the Sunshine Factory with The King. Read more!

Payin' our dues - A tribute to the Hellacopters!


Payin our dues, a tribute to the Hellacopters is out now! Märvel has recorded The Devil Stole the Beat from the Lord. Read more!
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MÄRVEL - At the Sunshine Factory

Released 2017-10-06

Tracks: A Killing View // The Secret Grand Prix // Goodluck Sandy // Heart & Balls // Smile Mr Steen // Monsters Grow in the Dark // Child // Step Closer // All Over the News // Live & Learn // Angela

Produced and recorded by Märvel at Solskensfabriken january to april 2017. Mixed by Stefan Brändström at Dustward Studios and mastered by Magnus Lindberg.

Cover art by Ahmed El Gezery

From the press release:

Märvel returns with their seventh album ”At the Sunshine Factory” set for release the 6th of October on The Sign Records. The band have worked hard to create a ”larger than life” sound, building a studio of their own to get enough time to develop their songs to perfection. A cheerful production disguises a darker lyrical theme affected by today's world situation. Märvel, known for their contagious hooks, pop melodies and rock 'n' roll soul, have tightened the bow and made braver decisions to make this the stand out album of their career. The album's spine is still very much vintage Märvel, yet each of the twelve songs have got more of a character of its own.

Songs as "Angela" and ”Goodluck Sandy” are a further development of the sound that we first heard on the band's latest album "The Hills Have Eyes”. Two songs that takes the band several steps on that path with a rich production that puts full focus on the strong songwriting. The songs very well show King, Vicar and Burgher's newfound boldness and desire to evolve. ”Monsters Grow in the Dark” shows a new side of the band, where a darker, more sincere side is revealed. Still the Märvel we know is very much present, and it is perhaps mostly showcased in the direct hit ”All Over The News” that sports a classic Scandinavian approach - rock without any fuzz!

Märvel signed a deal with The Sign Records in the beginning of 2017 and have since then started to re-release their earlier albums on new formats. Finding themselves a way out in new regions, the Swedish rock veterans are set for new challenges and conquests. Märvel have never been this well equipped and ready to make a first and lasting impression on a new audience and deliver something fresh and virgin to their old fans. The band shines like never before.

Check out what the CRITICS have to say about "At the Sunshine Factory":

Maximum Volume Music, 8.5/10 (GB)
The Moshville Times (GB)
Metal Hammer, 6/7 (DE)
Corren, 4/5 (SE)
Via Nocturna, 5.6/6 (PT)
Lords of Metal, 80/100 (DE)
Musik Reviews, 12/15 (DE)
Gaffa, 5/6 (SE)
Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life, 9.5/10 (SE)
Rockfarbror, 4/5 (SE)
Metal Orgie, 14/20 (FR)
Metal DE, 5/10 (DE)

Buy the album:



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Märvel has been an active band since 2002 and consists of The King (guitars and vocals), The Burgher (Bass) and The Vicar (Drums). Read the full story to find out how three young men from Åtvidaberg found their true calling in life.

Also, check out Märvel on Wikipedia for additional info!

The bäck catalogue

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One Common Enemy2021Slasher with a Broken Heart2021
Public School 752019
All for the Glory2019
Cant Shake Loose2019
Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo2019
Sultans of Swing2018
Keep Pushin2018
All Over the News2017
Goodluck Sandy2017
L.O.V.E. Machine2015
The Hills Have Eyes2015
Hadal Zone Express2014
Danish Rush 65812014
Beaten Path2010
A Pyrrhic Victory2009
Thunderblood Heart2007
I Wanna Know You2006
Goddess on the Loose2005


Märvel (SE) tour dates

To book Märvel, contact us directly at info@marvel.nu


Are you a rock soldier? A pirate or a pussy? Or simply a rebel without a cause? This is your chance to pull your straw to the stack! MÄRVEL is looking for mercenaries of ROCK, willing to help out in spreading our gospel of ROCK! To ensure a steady supply of objectively marvellous music, the time has come to step up!

  • Download the pdf template
  • Print it out in any size you want, the bigger the better
  • Choose the stencil or the cutout
  • Decorate your home town like there's no tomorrow
  • Take photos of your work
  • Post them on Märvelbook

Busy bees posting creative contributions will be decorated. Bombs away!