MÄRVEL are the swedish BARONS of HIGH ENERGY ROCK 'N' ROLL! Märvel's explosive live performances have earned the band a loyal ärmy of fans all over the world - the Märvel Army! Märvel is The Vicar (drums), The King (guitars, vocals) and The Burgher (bass).

Double Decade - 20 years of High Energy Rock n Roll!


Märvel’s double album "Double Decade" is finally here! A compilation album packed with the band’s most memorable tunes and most rare releases to celebrate their 20th anniversary as a band. Mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Cover art by Hedvig Karlsson.

Out on The Sign Records and available NOW on all digital platforms: https://orcd.co/doubledecade

Order the luxurious album DOUBLE DECADE from Sign Records on Freight Train (clear vinyl), Freight Train (orange & purple vinyl) or Bandcamp

New single - Catch #22


"Catch #22" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL! Check out the single https://orcd.co/catch22 Read more!

New single - Turn The Page


"Turn the Page" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL! Check out the single https://orcd.co/turnthepage Read more!

New album - Graces Came With Malice


We're proud to present "Grace Came With Malice"! Listen on all streaming platforms and pre-order on bandcamp. Read more!

Pre-order the new album - Graces Came With Malice!


”Graces Came With Malice” is now available for pre-order! This year MÄRVEL celebrate both 20 years as a band, and the release of this new full length album. Read more!

New single & video - Sound Of Life Slipping Away


"Sound Of Life Slipping Away" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL! Check out the single and official video: https://orcd.co/soundoflifeslippingaway Read more!

Märvel celebrating 20 years in rock!


2022 is a big one for Märvel since we celebrate 20 years as a band! Incredible. We have never felt better, and are very excited about all the things planned for this year. Read more!

New single & video - Lizard's Tongue


"Lizard's Tongue" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL! Check out the single and official video: https://orcd.co/lizardstongue Read more!

We wanna know you (just a little bit even bettter)!


We wanna know you (just a little bit even better)! Express yourself using the new single - One Common Enemy - where YOU will be the main act! Download audio files, chords and lyrics to get started! See download links in the full post. Read more!

New single & video - One Common Enemy


"One Common Enemy" is the brand new single from MÄRVEL! Check out the single and official video: https://orcd.co/onecommonenemy Read more!

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MÄRVEL - Graces Came With Malice

Released 2022-04-22

Tracks: Slasher With a Broken Heart // The Disaster // Sound of Life Slipping Away // Great Man // Graces Came With Malice // One Common Enemy // Sorry State of Affairs // Lizard’s Tongue // Hot Nite in Dallas // Queen for a Day

Produced and recorded by MÄRVEL at studio Solskensfabriken, mixed by Robert "Humbucker" Pehrsson and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Cover art by Mats Engesten.

From the press release:

Twenty grand years have passed since Märvel entered the world of high energy rock ’n’ roll. Since their formation in 2002, the masked power trio from Sweden have made a name for themselves with their memorable songs and intense shows. 8 studio albums, countless gigs and tours, collaborations with scene icons such as The Hellacopter’s Strings and Dregen, and dedicated fan clubs all over the world have all helped put Märvel on the radar. Now it’s time for one of the longest lasting Scandinavian rock acts to release their 9th full length studio album. Join Märvel, and the party, as they celebrate a double decade of rock! ”Graces Came With Malice” is the 9th studio album by Sweden’s Barons of High Energy Rock’n’Roll. Released as part of the bands’ 20th year anniversary, the new material is stronger than ever. Moving from high octane, quintessential Märvel tracks, to more laid back classic rock hits, ”Graces Came With Malice” is a 10 track collection of Scandinavian rock music at its finest. Super-catchy songwriting, stand out layered vocals, electrifying riffs and piercing melodies all contribute to an explosive eclectic rock extravaganza.Märvel comments:“It feels good to know that after 20 years as a band, we have created our strongest album to date. After 9 albums of high energy rock ‘n’ roll and more than 9000 hours inside our latex masks we know what Märvel is about. We’re aging like a fine wine yet we’re as vital as a pack of lovesick tigers. We don’t compromise with our songs or on the production quality. Märvel grows better and stronger for each album and by no means are we ready to put our hats on the hat rack!””Graces Came With Malice” is recorded and produced by Märvel in studio Solskensfabriken. The album is mixed by Robert Pehrsson in Studio Humbucker, and mastered by Magnus Lindberg. Artwork for the album and singles by Mats Engesten. ”Graces Came With Malice” is released on The Sign Records on April 22. The album is released on vinyl, CD, and on all streaming platforms.

Check out what the CRITICS have to say about "Graces Came With Malice":

Musipedia, 8/10 (UK)
CoreandCO, 7,5/10 (FR)
Rock Garage, 8/10 (DE)
Rock Hard, 7,5/10 (DE)
Storm Bringer, 4/5 (AT)
Metal Hammer, 4/5 (DE)
Metal Head, 7/10 (IT)
Power Metal, 7,5/10 (DE)
Devolution Magazine, 5/5 (UK)
Rock And Roll Army, 4.1/5 (ES)
RPM Online, 5/5 (UK)
Markus Heavy Music Blog, 8/10 (SE)
Metal Temple, 7/10 (US)
Velvet Thunder, 5/5 (UK)
Rockway, 5/5 (GR)
Rock Castle Franken, 7.5/10 (DE)
Giornale Metal, 7/10 (IT)
Lords of Metal, 8/10 (NL)
Saitenkult, 7.25/10 (DE)
Classic Rock, 7/10 (UK)

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Märvel has been an active band since 2002 and consists of The King (guitars and vocals), The Burgher (Bass) and The Vicar (Drums). Read the full story to find out how three young men from Åtvidaberg found their true calling in life.

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